Visitors of Brno can use International Airport Brno-Tuřany, which provides flights to Prague, London, Moscow, Eidhoven and other charter destinations. The visitors can use International Prague Airport and Brno is also well connected to international airport in Vienna (Austria).

Airport Brno-Tuřany

Brno has its own international airport, which is regularly served by flights from London (Stansted), Munich (Germany), Barcelona (Gerona) and Moscow (Vnukovo). A domestic flight offers connection with Prague. Then you can take a taxi from Airport Brno to Brno. It will cost around 300 CZK.

Vienna International Airport

There is no direct flight from Vienna to Brno because of too short distance. Easiest transportation from Vienna airport to Brno is with bus operator RegioJet offering 8 connections daily from Vienna to Brno from 13 EUR one way. Duration of the travel is approximately 2 hours. Tickets are available to purchase online at the website.

Václav Havel Airport Prague

Easiest transportation from Prague is with train operator Czech Railways offering very comfortable trains or with bus operator RegioJet offering 36 connections daily from Prague to Brno from 8 EUR one way. Duration of the travel is approximately 2,5 hours. Tickets are available online website with German and English version.


BY TRAIN      

Brno is an important rail junction situated on the Balkan – Budapest- Prague – Berlin – Scandinavia rail route. All Eurocity trains stop in Brno. The distance from Prague to Brno is 256 kilometres, from Vienna 155 kilometres, from Bratislava 132 kilometres, from Berlin 566 kilometres and from Wroclaw 312 kilometres. The Central railway station is located in the centre of Brno, a few minutes walk from the historic centre. You can search for rail connections at the following address:



Brno is located on the main Czech highway D1 and D2. For highways and some bigger roads it is necessary to have a highway sticker, which is for sale at the border crossing, petrol stations, post offices and in the motor clubs.


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Do you require a visa to attend the conference? Go to the Government of Czech Republic website at for details on eligibility, processing time, required documents, etc.



Download a map with highlighted spots.




  • Spilberk Castle
  • The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul
  • Capuchin Church & Crypt with Mummies
  • Old Town Hall
  • Villa Tugendhat
  • Fait Gallery
  • The Moravian Museum
  • The Anthropos Pavilion
  • Gregor Mendel's Museum
  • The Brno Technical Museum
  • The Brno Exhibition and Fairgrounds
  • The National Theatre in Brno
  • The Brno City Theatre
  • Observatory and Planetarium Brno
  • STAROBRNO -The Old Brno Brewery
  • Shopping Gallery Vankovka
  • Masaryk Brno Circuit -Car & Motorcycle Racing
  • ZOO Brno
  • Brno Dam
  • Ignis Brunensis = International fireworks festival
  • Austerlitz - Napoleon Battlefield
  • Austerlitz (Slavkov) Castle
  • Moravian Karst
  • VIDA Science Centre
  • Villa Stiassni
  • Villa Jurkovic
  • Brno Underground & Ossuary under St. James' Church


In the Czech Republic the power sockets are of type E. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

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