Thursday,  June 29th from 2:15 – 3:45 p.m.


1. Internationalization in teacher education (U42)

Facilitator: Maria Assunção Flores, Reyes Quezada

This roundtable session will explore themes such as: a) how ICET can improve educational experiences and outcomes in all parts of the world, b) the benefits and challenges of working in teacher education across international contexts, c) addressing social justice and human rights issues through international teacher education, d) optimal conditions for international service learning and international practicum programs, and e) balancing local and global priorities in the preparation of new teachers.

2. What counts as “knowledge” in teacher education? (U33)

Facilitator: Linda la Velle

This roundtable session will explore themes such as:  a) what kind of evidence we can collect to improve the impact of teacher education, b) making research findings more accessible to pre-service teachers, new teachers, and teacher educators, c) learning more about what research informs teacher education and how that affects teacher identity, d) exploring how universities can support schools in their research, and e) comparative studies of different methodological approaches in educational research.

3. Teacher recruitment and retention issues (U32)

Facilitator: Thuwayba Al Barwani

This roundtable session will explore themes such as: a) recruitment and selection of the most effective teachers, b) reasons for teacher attrition and solutions for teacher retention, and c) the importance of supporting teachers and teacher educators in the early stages of their careers.

4. Contemporary leadership issues in teacher education (U43)

Facilitator: Tony Townsend

This roundtable session will explore themes such as: a) how school administrators can be leaders of learning, b) how educational leaders can address increasing expectations from various stakeholders, c) how educational leaders can foster positive school cultures, and d) how educational leaders can prioritize student and teacher well-being.

5. Teacher professional development in the 21st century (P51)

Facilitators: Maropeng Modiba, James Noble-Rogers, Shirley Van Nuland, Roman Švaříček

This roundtable session will explore themes such as: a) university teachers and their approaches to teaching and learning, b) how to prepare teachers for teaching in increasingly diverse schools, c) what kind of professional development is needed to keep new teachers in the profession, and d) developing teacher identity and teacher professionalism.


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